Sunday, 22 October 2017

Sleep, Crash, Amnesia, Black Flag and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint

Well today was another day of unexpected extra sleep due to an essential change of plans. It was very much needed.

Toni went out to spend some time with Jade and do various things so I took the opportunity to get in some PS4 time. I started off proceedings with Crash Bandicoot. It was so much fun but sadly I was dealing with a controller with strange behaviours that made it very difficult to play properly so I decided to move on to something else.

Free on PSN Plus this month is a game called Amnesia which I decided to give a go. Oh my, that was unexpected. It's a survival horror game setup in such a way that you don't get to fight, you have to hide or run away. They recommend you play it in a darkened room with headphones on. I opted for the darkened room as Zoe was watching me play. It is a VERY subversive game, with eerie graphics and a soundtrack that just drags you in. It's hard to really describe how it makes you feel. I wasn't scared but my heart was definitely racing at certain points. It does get quite intense, that's for sure.

After a while I had to come up for air as it was all getting too much being lost in the Amnesia world so I took to the high seas once again for some Assassins Creed Black Flag action. That did the job and my BPM was back at a more reasonable rate in no time LOL.

Chip shop chips for the win (and dinner) and we watched some of the first season of Skin Wars: Fresh Paint. This is a RuPaul hosted show where artists move from their usual medium and take on the challenge of body painting.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Rest, family, Rangers and RuPaul

Today was wonderful. I didn't get up until 11:30. The sleep was glorious, so wonderful and I woke up actually feeling like I had had some rest.

Breakfast and Hell's Kitchen was a great way to start the day. Toni and I then popped out to do a little shopping before popping over to Leanne's and had a fun time with Irving, Jamie, Indie, Shiv and Bodhi. The only downside was having to watch Ghostbusters 2.

I haven't watched much of the New York Rangers so far this season (and thankfully given some of the recent results) but today was an early game so I decided to tune in. I'm so glad I did as they seemed to have pulled their stuff together. It wasn't the most elegant game and I was shouting at the TV for the last five minutes but thankfully they kept their heads and beat the Nashville Predators 4 - 2.  Fingers crossed this is a return to winning ways.

Toni made the most amazing carrot soup for dinner, it was delicious. I ate all mine and then finished off Zoe's afterwards, nom nom nom.

We finished the remainder of the day with the final three episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2.

Friday, 20 October 2017

SEP (blue skies), no more stress and a TV catch up

Woke up this morning feeling far from refreshed and inspired. Headed into work not wanting to go to work as my little problem loomed nearer and nearer once again. The morning was spent trying to get some form of grasp on things. Just after lunch, and three rounds of debugging later there was at least a clue. A small one, but a clue nonetheless. This made me feel far less stressed. Even better was that I now got to hand the problem over to someone else to look at. This might be a temporary thing and it could all be back on me again come Monday but at least I have the weekend to enjoy and NOT worry about this issue.  SEP! Someone Else's Problem LMFAO. Blue skies ahead for a while :)

The remainder of the afternoon was then much more fun with me able to get on with some other post migration tasks and feel like I was achieving things once again. This was such a lovely feeling!

I left for home just feeling tired and drained with the stressed and depressed thankfully being left at the office. What a difference that made!

Rannah provided our sustenance for the night and we did a catchup on The Good Place, Star Wars Rebels and RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars.

A much needed sleep was in order.....

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Clusterf***, Mike's leaving drinks and stress

Well it's been a bit of a cluster*** of a week. One niggly problem from the migration remained and now matter how hard I tried I could just not get to the bottom of it. This has been causing me to get more and more stressed as the week progressed and fatigue was also kicking in which just didn't help matters. Personal pride kept me attacking the problem rather than giving up.

There was a brief reprise at lunchtime when some of us went to the Old Tea Warehouse for Mike's leaving drinks. It was a bit of a chuckle and some welcome relief.

Sadly I couldn't escape the problem and went through many hours of banging my head against the wall. Even with the aid of a colleague we were still unable to sort things out and so I had to end another day disappointed that I could not get rid of the last outstanding issue.

I got home and was feeling really down and completely stressed. I sat in the living room lit only by two salt lamps and listened to some soothing music to try and relax but sadly that didn't cut it. Toni came back and we went out for a meal at Ziyafet with Jade and Aaron which was nice but I wasn't feeling very conversational and was lost in my work problem. We weren't home for long before I went to bed in the hope I could sleep out my slump and feel more inspired in the morning.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Star Wars updates

Time for a brief Star Wars update as it's been a little while since the last one. We'll start with the countdown to The Last Jedi!

Laura Dern has just shared this fun image of her sporting purple hair in The Last Jedi whilst appearing on the Ellen Show:

She also talked about her role and working with Carrie Fisher. See more here:

I am not usually one to criticise Lucasfilm or anything Star Wars but I was quite upset to see the real lack of imagination in the name of the No Longer Unnamed Han Solo movie!

Here's how Ron Howard made the 'big reveal' on Twitter.

Really? Is that the best you could come up with? I'd have preferred Han Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Still, grumble aside, it is good to now that production has been wrapped up and we now have another Star Wars movie heading to our screens next year.

Rumour has it that we are due some more details for Star Wars Battlefront II!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Another mad day, the dentist and TV catch up

Well I had hoped that things would quieten down a bit at work but sadly that dream is for another day. There were still a few things to get sort and I had hoped to have closed off all open issues by the end of the day. This was not to be though and it was a real uphill struggle in the afternoon.

Just to make my life complete I then had to leave work quite stressed to go to the dentist which then caused me more stress. I haven't been to a dentist in five years so I was fearing the worst. I have a real fear of dentists so that didn't help either. I explained how I felt and jumped in the chair and she did a couple of x-rays. Then it was time for the dreaded examination. Thankfully I didn't need any dental work and my x-rays showed no signs of problems so I just have to do some hygienist sessions. This was such a relief, a very very BIG relief as I had been fearing the worst. I booked the hygienist appointment straight away while was in the right frame of mind LOL.

Got home and watched the final two episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars. I'm just loving these shows and the All Stars ones are extra fun. We also managed to get in some Big Bang Theory and the first episode of the final season of Star Wars Rebels.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Crazy day, Scorpion, Dynasty and Ice Guardians

Wow, that was one hell of a crazy day. It started badly with cancelled and diverted trains all over the place meaning that I got to the office later than planned.

It was all go from the off with a number of issues arising from the migration at the weekend. There was nothing serious but a steady stream of things that needed to be resolved, even if it was just telling users to read the documentation that had been provided to them before the weekend LOL. Despite the constant barrage of work everything got cleared up quickly with only a couple of issues carrying over into tomorrow. I even managed to leave work on time. Thankfully the journey home was easier than the one in.

Toni and Zoe were out for the night so it was just Sam and I. He was knackered so retired early. I made myself a nice salad for dinner followed by some gluten free crumpets and then did a TV catch up.

I started with the latest episode of Scorpion which was it's usual cheesy self. After that I watched the first episode of the rebooted Dynasty! This was my guilty pleasure as a teenager with mum and I watching it (usually with a Chinese) every Friday night. It's not bad for a reboot but lacks a lot of the style and panache that the original series had. Close but no cigar although I might keep watching anyway LOL.

From this: this:

My evening ended with the quite excellent Ice Guardians documentary about enforcers in professional ice hockey.

Whether you love or hate fighting in hockey it's still part if the game today and this documentary is a very interesting documentary on the role of the enforcer focussing on the NHL/AHL.